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Create a strong password

How to increase security with a strong password

Nowadays it is extremely important to pay attention to cyber security! Hackers attack all kind of platforms everyday and websites are no exception. That’s why it’s so important to increase the difficult for them to access, one way is through the use of a strong password.

I know what you are thinking… yeah yeah.. but how will I memorize so many different passwords for so many different platforms?…

I have been there and I struggled with so many different passwords.. sometimes only adding random numbers and choosing “Forgot your password?” innumerous times.

I came up with a strategy that have been helping me and my clients to have strong (and memorable) passwords

Increase the safety of your personal information by building a strong password. Follow these simple steps:

  1. You should start by choosing a sentence. The bigger the sentence, the better. But keep it simple if you are more comfortable with it. The perfect sentence should have words with and without capital letters , numbers and special characters ( ! , ?, * ,… ) Example : Liliana Loves to Stay Safe Online Since 2015!
  2. Pick the first letters of each word , in this example : L L t S S O S
  3. Concatenate the letters with the numbers and special characters LLtSSOS2015!
  4. In 3 steps you just created a STRONG password. However if you use that one for every platform and one of them leaked your information, you would be exposed as well… That’s why you need an extra step. Let’s imagine that you are creating an account in Instagram and you need to define a password ( strong and memorable !) you just need to make a twist to your password (aka sentence). For example : Liliana Loves to Stay Safe Online in InstaGram Since 2015! ; Or in Facebook : Liliana Loves to Stay Safe Online in FaceBook Since 2015! . Now you have two strong passwords, one for Instagram LLtSSOiIGS2015! and another for Facebook LLtSSOSiFB2015!

If you still are not convinced with this strategy. I strongly suggest you to not relax on this matter and to find a solution that keeps you confortable. Check 1Password approach that might help you keep your passwords strong.

Let me know in the comments if you knew these tricks and if you have some of your own ! 🙂

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